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こんにちは!! It's been a very long time (I think) no update on this blog about beauty stuff. Actually I have few products (most of them ...


It's been a very long time (I think) no update on this blog about beauty stuff. Actually I have few products (most of them are skincare) to be reviewed but I don't have impulse to do that (I don't know why). 

Yosh, forget it and just let me share you my thought of the day! I'm currently in the mood (very very very) in listening songs of ONE OK ROCK. Their new album is so amazing. I love all of the songs (yeah, I have few songs as my most favourite). ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005, composed of Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya.

This blog post will be too long long long if I told you details of their history so just click WIKIPEDIA : ONE OK ROCK to know more about their history. 

Current Members :
Ryota (小浜 良太 Kohama Ryōta) – bass guitar (2005–present)
Taka (森内 貴寬 Moriuchi Takahiro) – lead vocals (2005–present)
Toru (山下 亨 Yamashita Tōru) – guitars, backing vocals (2005–present)
Tomoya (神吉 智也 Kanki Tomoya) – drums, percussion (2006–present)
Former Members :
Tomo (小柳 友 Koyanagi Yuu) – drums, percussion (2005–2006)
Alex (鬼澤 アレクサンダー 礼門 Onizawa Alexander Reimon) – lead guitar (2005–2009)

35xxxv (read as thirty five or Sātīfaibu) is the seventh full-length album by One Ok Rock. It was released on February 11, 2015. This is their first album recorded abroad, primarily in the US, which has been their dreams since they started the band. The song "Mighty Long Fall" was the theme song of the 2014 sequel film Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, while "Heartache" was used for the third film, Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends.

source :
The limited version of pre-order album bundled with a DVD of the acoustic performance of the band for the songs "Mighty Long Fall" and "Decision" sold out immediately before the end of 2014. On the week of October 17, 2015, album 35xxxv (Deluxe Edition) debuted at #20 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums and its highest peak position is at #17. This chart is for new and upcoming musicians, which is usually a stepping stone towards Billboard 200 or Billboard Hot 100. 

They've finished so many tours in 2015 and also preparing for upcoming tour in 2016.

So don't just be curious, please buy their song by i-Tunes, buy their DVD or you also can watch some free videos on their YouTube channel. And below is two videos of ONE OK ROCK's songs, Cry Out and Decision, actually Good Good Bye is also my favorite song but I can't find the official video! So please enjoy these videos! ^^

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