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Moshi - moshi! One (again) review about beauty product will be shared to you, guys. Same brand with my previous review, yes Wardah . But, t...

Moshi - moshi! One (again) review about beauty product will be shared to you, guys. Same brand with my previous review, yes Wardah. But, this review is about the eye shadow product from Wardah. Wardah has 14 (fourteen) color choices for the eye shadow and I will review one of them here. ^^

We can get 3 (three) colors in one product. Usually I call this kind of product 'trio eye-shadow', because it has 3 colors in one package. 

Size of the package is 6.5 cm x 5 cm. It has small mirror and small aplicator. Ok, let's get closer!

I love these colors at the first sight, because I like neutral and warm colors (such as : brown, gold, chocolate, maroon, brick red, etc).You will get 3 pretty colors on this palette :

1. Gold, but it's not really gold, I think we can call it 'pale gold'. It's not too yellow for a gold color.
2. Brown / walnut. I cannot describe it well. You can look at the picture, it's wearable color. 
3. I don't know what is name of this color, but I think it looks like auburn color or reddish brown. I love this color. ^^

You can get this eye shadow only Rp 42.000 (arround 3 USD). 

The aplicator is too small, but you can use it when you are in a travelling because it's so small and simple. But at home you can replace it with your favorite eye shadow brush to get the best result on your eyes. ^^

Basicaly, these colors have good pigmentation (except the gold color). But to maximalize the colors on your eyes, you must use a eye base or primer. The auburn or reddish brown color has very good pigmentation even without primer. No matte finish, they are all have gold shimmer if you look them closer. ^^

The staying power for the brown colors are good, 4 - 6 hours in average. 

The pigmentation and staying power are good, especially for the brown and auburn colors. Halal with affordable price. Available in so much color options. Easy to find in Indonesia.

Bad pigmentation for the gold color. Aplicator and mirror is too small. Not waterproof (but it's not a problem for me). 

RATING   ♡ (8/10)

Thank you for reading and have a nice Tuesday, all. Bye bye! ^^

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  1. Oh My! The reddish chocolate colour is so beautiful!! Perfect for crease. :D

  2. dulu aku selalu pake eyeshadow ini buat daily, tp karena ada yg baru jd terlupakan X'D
    cukup oke kalo menurut aku eyeshadow ini ^^

  3. warnanya bagus2 yah, pigmented jg ^^ ak jarang pake eyeshadow sih tp suka beli krna warnanya lucu aja XD
    thanks for sharing ^^


  4. Ternyata satin finish yak!
    Dulu kirain matte, jadinya malah beli eyeshadow Inez :D

  5. Warna eyeshadow nya bikin keliatan ceria ya ^^

  6. wahhh... iya warnanya cerha banget... cocok di mbak Karlina


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